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 Character sheet

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Clover Smith

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PostSubject: Character sheet   Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:39 pm

Make a new topic with this completed character sheet. Please do not be too obvious with who you'd like to be claimed by. This doesn't mean you can't be good at instruments or you can't be a good swimmer or anything, saying that you one day got angry and a lightning bolt fell from the sky and killed a monster for you is unacceptable. Anything so obvious as that and you will be asked to change it. Claimings will usually happen after 50 posts, but it will take longer as we get more members. The character sheet, much like rps will be done and third person and must at least be five sentences per category. Thank you!


Species(I.e Demigod, Satyr, Immortal, Hunter of Artemis etc.):




Rp Sample:

How did you find out about this site?:

Here's the code:

Just remove the stars

[b]Rp Sample:[*/b]
[b]How did you find out about this site?:[*/b]

*Hint: You Rp sample can be from another site if you are on one. If your not then you're just going to have to make one up. But the only thing is, you've got to fill in the rp sample otherwise your character won't be approved. It doesn't have to be too long but no one-liners please.

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Character sheet
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