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 Tiger's Character

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Rose Smith

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PostSubject: Tiger's Character   Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:41 pm

First, I have a question. When someone is claimed, does that mean they are taken to camp or are just claimed by thier parents and become a special person at Camp Half Blood?

Now here is my character.

Name: My character's name is Rose Smith, but you can call her anything you like. She won't mind.

Species: Rose is a demigod, but she wishes she was normal.

History: Pretty much a normal person until she realized her best friend was a satyr and people that she thought hated her were monsters. Her background is pretty average- she gets good grades, doesnt get in trouble that much, but isnt perfect. Her rivals were some really smart boys (dont ask) and the whole cheerleading group (once again, dont ask). I think this is just about all you need to know about her.

Appearence: Rose has brown hair and blue eyes, but sometimes wishes she had green eyes(a third time, dont ask. Rose is odd like that). She is of medium height and is not fat, but not too thin. She is pretty average, not someone you would expect to be a demigod.

Personality: Once again, Rose is pretty average here. She is nice to her friends, and whoever else she decides to like. She is not so nice to those smart boys and the cheerleaders, though. She takes extreme ways to get out of akward moments, and then usually those turn into akward moments. Since Rose is kinda average, she is not noticed alot and so that has made her quiet and timid. SHe is looking forward to starting over at Camp Half Blood.

Rp Sample: OOC: Since I have not RPed Rose on any other site yet, I can make up something.
BIC: I woke up before my alarm rang and dashed downstairs to get to the plate of bacon my parent had made the night before. As I got downstairs I noticed... the smel of bacon. Too late again!! My brother always got to the bacon before me!!! I sighed and started to choke down the oatmeal my brother had been so kind to make me. Beside it was a note that read: Eat my oatmeal, loser!! You snooze, you lose!! With a groan, I pushed the oatmeal aside and ripped up the note. I snooze, I lose? I hadn't even hit the snooze button on my alarm clock once. I looked at the clock on the microwave and I realized, with a jolt, if I didnt run now, I would be late for school!!! I grabbed my backpack and ran out the door, leaving the half-full bowl of cold oatmeal on the table.
OOC:Wow, its hard to not mention what gender your parent is because that notes towards the gender of the god (I read the rules). Also, you might be thinking, what?!?(So look at the 2nd sentence). I hope you enjoyed my RP!!

How did you find out about this site?:An announcement on another Camp Half Blood site, hahahaha I made a link! Wink

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Josh Ostrander


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PostSubject: Re: Tiger's Character   Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:39 am

Looks good i think just wait for Clover to approve i dont have that power i can only claim people
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Lexie Greene


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PostSubject: Re: Tiger's Character   Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:50 am

It seems all good to me!(: Except the littl epicture at the bottem, you can't use animated portrayers, they must be real. other than that all good(:


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Clover Smith

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PostSubject: Re: Tiger's Character   Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:20 am

Part from the anime picture at the bottom its all good

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PostSubject: Re: Tiger's Character   

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Tiger's Character
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